Want an Advanced Review Copy of Blurred Lines?


An advanced copy of Blurred Lines…

**All technical issues have been resolved…

You want it? That’s what I’m asking. Sure you do! You’re probably wondering what the hell I’m talking about. Well, let me explain. Blurred Lines is being officially released on February 3rd but since I have the proof of Blurred Lines in my hands as we speak, I am free to share a limited number of copies for review. LIMITED. I’m not Ellen or Oprah…lol


You get the book for free.


Yes, this one.

Yes…that’s what I said.

But! The only way to receive them is through Kindle and you must have a KINDLE EMAIL ADDRESS. If you really…really want it and don’t have ONE, I may be able to make some concessions. Email me personally, and we’ll talk.

I get the feeling I sound like a used car salesman…nah.

Bows down to Ylva Publishing in thanks.


What do I want in return? An honest review on Amazon, Goodreads, your blog, etc. I don’t expect you to sing my praises just because I’m doing this. I expect you to be a thoughtful, careful reader and say what you think. It would be THE SHIT to see reviews up on the day my book is released.

If you want more information, please join my reviewer mailing list, and you will get all you need to get this party going! Right HERE


8 thoughts on “Want an Advanced Review Copy of Blurred Lines?

  1. i tried but my reply email says that u sent my free copy but i’m not cing it in my note to download..tell me more please


    1. Sorry for the confusion. The book is now available so the advanced review copies are no more. I will be holding another giveaway in the next few weeks or you can purchase the eBook. Either way you are golden!


  2. i have not gotten a answer from your website about my free copy…please respond asap or when possibly because i did fill out all post..thank u


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