Blurred Lines Release Day

I’m doing a little dance right now. It’s embarrassing so don’t look too close. I’m probably the only black person alive with absolutely no rhythm.


98BbqFrYeahhhhh, that’s me right now. Told you it wasn’t nice to look at!











NewYearPartyGirlAlphabyiRiS-O-1It is official! My first book in the Cops and Docs Series is available! It’s received some pretty damn good reviews over on Goodreads and Ylva Publishing. The book can be purchased on Ylva in eBook form or on Amazon (link to my author’s page) in paperback. It will be available on eBook on Amazon on Feb. 17, but it can be pre-ordered there as well.

This deserves a little more pomp and circumstance yes?

Anyhooo, hope you all enjoy!

PS: Don’t be afraid to leave a review.


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