Geekdom and Writing Between the Lines

I would like to preface this blog with this statement. I am 44 going on 45 and I am a hopeless, proud, unapologetic geek.

Don’t roll your eyes. When I’m 55, I’ll say the exact same thing.

I own a PS4 and an Xbox One along with a 55 inch HDTV and surround sound system to give it some punch so that I can further immerse myself.

I love games with fairies, dragons, mages and women with swords. This includes the Dragon Age Series, The Witcher 3, and shit like it.

There are also times where I’d rather things be mindless, and I just wanna shoot some NPC (non playable character) in the head for getting in my way, thus, keeping me from blowing the enemy to kingdom come through the guise of Call of Duty or Far Cry games.

Whoa, before you say anything, no, I am not some lonely soul living with my mother in a little room in the back. I grew out of that phase by the time I was in my early twenties thank you. I’d rather not give you the exact age, even if you ask. Anyhow, I digress, I am a married woman with children (a pug and a cat).

Shhhh! I try to play when she’s sleeping which can be up to Noon on some days. Yay! God, please don’t tell her I said that. She can be scary. There’s this vein that throbs on her forehead. I’m already not allowed to hang my posters. I have some really cool Justice League ones…

Uh, don’t tell her I said that either.

You as readers of my work should also know that I’m not a one trick pony…geek. I do TV and movies too. I reserve my butch squee for the superhero shows such as: The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Agents of Shield, and when they get it right, Supergirl. This extends to all things Marvel and some DC. Wonder Woman anybody? Cuz the rest of those movies stunk up the joint.

I screamed at my TV during GOT at the Red Wedding and cheered at the Purple one. I was a Warehouse 13 and Lost Girl fan.  I am currently addicted to Wynonna Earp, KillJoys, etc, and I am thinking about extending my Universe to include Dark Matter and a few more.

Thank God for DVR.

Damn it. I even do the gimmick T-shirts. No, I am not a man child. I am not a man!

I channeled all this and more to create the character of Haley Jordan in my latest book, Between the Lines. She is introduced in the book with a bang and a whimper via her discovery of the ending of Mass Effect 3.



Sorry, I needed a minute.

In fact, her last name is the name of my FemShep I used to play the Mass Effect Trilogy. Puffs out chest. Jordan Shephard was renegade all the way baby. Total badass. The badassiest. Haley is passionate, laid back, values friendship, loyalty and she’s sensitive as well as in touch with her feelings. She holds nothing back.

Perfect. Amirite?



Okay, there you are.

Well, she’s only perfect on the surface. My girl has a self righteous hero complex that gets her in trouble. I mean, no one can save everyone especially from themselves. She learns some huge lessons by the end of the book. All the while, wearing her gimmick T-shirts, playing her Xbox and so on.

I truly enjoyed her journey, and I am grateful that I got to meet her, in a sense. I picture her standing right next to Kelli McCabe. Kelli’s scowling and swatting at her as Haley elbows her and laughs.

It does my heart good.

Now, I’m on to new characters. I can’t wait to see where they stand.


4 thoughts on “Geekdom and Writing Between the Lines

  1. WOW! Thanks for this info about you…love your Den of Geek look! Now I understand Haley’s personality better; you were channeling your higher self through her–love it! I’m not personally a gamer, but I did find that quality adorable in Haley…😉

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