A Taste of Pink

After getting the mother load of good news today, I’ve decided to spread the joy and post Pink Redux early. This section isn’t part of the book.  It’s something I wrote that could fit and could have happened based on the story and the characterizations as a whole.

Pink, the entire novella will be available on October 18th. Feel free to ask questions, make comments, curse my name, sneer up your nose, etc. I would also appreciate any RT or re-posts.

Thanks Amy.


Pink Redux


As Shawn eased the key into the lock, she glanced over her shoulder. “We should have the place to ourselves so don’t worry about being quiet.”

Keisha smiled slow and dirty. “I don’t censor myself for anyone.” Her words heated the air between them, making it heavy and dense. God, Shawn loved that feeling, and it had been sorely missed.

“Somehow, I knew you’d say that.” Shawn opened the front door.

“Well, I’m easy, especially with skills like yours.”

Keisha’s compliment sent Shawn soaring, which was exactly what she wanted… no, needed. She really couldn’t tell anymore. The lines that seemed so defined before were blurring. Feeling good had started to become priority and all she wanted was more of it. She wasn’t sure where her growing desperation came from. Maybe Veda was right about getting too close to Keisha. Maybe the situation with Courtney had broken Shawn far more than she knew. Maybe she was getting greedy. Either way, Shawn hesitated, which was enough to cool her off. Instead of the bedroom, she decided on the kitchen.

“I’m gonna grab a sandwich first. You want anything?”

Keisha cocked an eyebrow. “Okay.” She dragged the word out. “Where did you just go? I had your full attention a minute ago.”

Unable to hold her gaze, Shawn turned away. “Nowhere. I just wanted a sandwich.”

“Courtney. That’s where you were.”

That situation, that person, was the very last thing she wanted to discuss. Shawn moved toward the kitchen. “You didn’t answer my question. You want anything?”

“Something to drink.” Keisha answered as she followed her.

“Just to remind you, we don’t have anything fancy. Just Coke and Michelob Ultra with the cactus shit in it.” Shawn tried her best to keep her voice as light as possible, hoping that Keisha wouldn’t push.

“Coke is fine.”

“Okay,” Shawn opened the refrigerator and gathered the ham, turkey and other ingredients along with a Coke.

“I know what I do for you.”

Shawn swallowed and glanced at Keisha. She was leaning against the counter near the stove, watching her. Their eyes met briefly. Keisha’s gaze was intense, focused.

“Let me do it. Just play along.”

The offer to fly above the anger, the hurt, and the emptiness was so very hard to resist, but still, quickly and quietly, Shawn made her sandwich. Keisha pressed into her from behind. She brushed dreadlocks out of the way, exposing the back of Shawn’s neck.

The first brush of Keisha’s lips made Shawn tremble.

“I know you want to. When you’re inside me, she doesn’t matter.”

As Shawn tilted her head to the side, Keisha took advantage, biting into her shoulder. Shawn groaned and arched into the blistering heat behind her.

Keisha flicked her tongue over Shawn’s ear. Then, she started whispering things… profoundly erotic things. Other images, other thoughts, and other feelings took over. Shawn gave into her desperation, her need. Keisha’s touch, her body, and her words bandaged over the part of the wound that Courtney kept ripping open. The hole was getting bigger, and this fix seemed to be getting more temporary. But, it was a fix nonetheless.

Shawn turned her head further, drawing Keisha into a messy kiss.

Keisha whimpered.

“For fuck’s sake, you know your bedroom is like a hundred feet away.”

Keisha wrenched away from her, but feeling sluggish, Shawn was slower to respond.

“Nice to see you again, Veda,” Keisha greeted.

Veda snorted, “Likewise, but I’m glad I didn’t end up seeing more of you.”

Now more lucid, Shawn glared at her best friend. It was hard to hide her aggravation, especially since she was a step away from a rather warm oblivion.

Staring right back, Veda smiled and her blue eyes twinkled with amusement. “What?”

“What do you mean what? I didn’t know you were home.” Shawn threw an apologetic glance at Keisha, who shrugged and rolled her eyes.

“Well, I am. Guess it’s a good thing since you two were about to get nasty in front of that ham sandwich. Probably woulda scared the mayo right off it.”

Keisha laughed. Maybe Shawn needed to lighten up too, but that was easier said than done.

“I texted to tell you I was gonna be home early. It’s my night to cook. I wanted to see if you wanted something special to eat, but well…” Veda eyed Keisha.

Shawn made herself crack a smile. Keisha shook her head and grabbed the sandwich and Coke. Without another word, she left the kitchen, no doubt for the bedroom. For a few seconds, Shawn’s gaze was riveted.  She cleared her throat. “Uh, I didn’t get your text.”

“Maybe your phone has an STD from being around all that porn, and you know…stuff.”

“Maybe,” Shawn deadpanned.

“Mmm,” Veda crossed her arms over her chest and studied her. “You okay? You look a little—”

“I’m fine.”

Veda huffed. “Now, why don’t I believe that?”

“Come check on me in a couple hours. I’m sure I’ll feel a hell of a lot better.”

“I don’t know. Whatever I just saw looked way more intense than it should be.”

Shawn tried to quiet the voice in her head that agreed. “She understands what I need.”

“Uh-huh, I still think it’s easy to get caught up in that.”

Exasperated, Shawn sighed and stepped away from the counter. She needed to get out of this conversation. “I told you I’d think about it. Damn.”

“Hold on.” Veda held up a hand, blocking her. “I’m just trying to help.”

“I know.”

“Good. If this casual thing you got going is really helping you out of your funk, that’s fine. But it might be best for you and Keisha both not to concentrate completely on her.”

“Okay, I heard you the first time. I meant what I said. I’ll think about it.” She needed to do more than that and she knew it. Maybe things would be simpler if any touch, any body would do. If she could feel bigger, taller all the time, Shawn could stand up and step over the shitty cesspool she’d been stuck in since Courtney left. “Can I go now? She’s waiting for me.”

Veda moved out of the way. “I just want you to be okay.” Her voice was thick.

Shawn stopped, but she kept her back to Veda. “I want that too, but when it comes down to it, I’m just happy to feel good. Even if it’s only between my legs.”

“I know.”

Peering over her shoulder, Shawn muttered, “See you in the morning.”


Hope you enjoyed this peek into Pink.






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