Teasing is Fundamental

And fun…let’s not forget fun.

Yeah, I mean who doesn’t like being teased? If you raised your hand just accept that you’re weird, but it’s okay. I’m a little strange too. Now, in regards to teasing, I thought I’d throw my hat into the ring.

Before I go any deeper, most of you know my next full length book, Drawing the Line, will be out in November. And yes before you ask or even think it, DTL is a romance. Not far after that release I’m gonna spruce up and publish a Kelli/Nora short story. I promised you a cover reveal that is incidentally  the epitome of teasing.

Erasing the Lines

*Cough* That’s the cover for the Kelli/Nora short story, Erasing the Lines.

If you’re nice, I might even throw in a few lines here and there of it before publication. I love getting reacquainted with these two. I think you will too.

Blurred Lines (eBook or Audiobook on Amazon) or at Ylva

Crossing Lines (Amazon) or at Ylva


4 thoughts on “Teasing is Fundamental

  1. I love the Cops and Docs series and cant wait for the short with my favorite characters so far of Kelli and Nora. If the cover is any indication of the story WOW!!!! November needs to hurry up!!

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